Jet Ease is available in 32-tablet strip packs and is packed in premises inspected by a regulatory authority to ensure the premises meet the standard grade of hygiene, class one.

Each 340mg tablet contains five vitamins helpful in countering the stress of jet travel. Each pack contains enough tablets for an average round-the-world itinerary.


We recommend that you take one Jet Ease tablet every one to two hours to ensure that your body has sufficient vitamin intake during long-distance flights.

Warnings and precautions

Jet Ease can be used by travellers of all ages. If a user already suffers from a major medical problem, normal caution should be exercised in flying on long journeys. If after arrival the traveller is unwell, professional help should be sought. Jet Ease does not help the effects of existing medical disorders when travelling by air, or the effects of alcohol or general exhaustion.


Jet Ease may be taken with any other medication. Like other vitamin supplements it is most effective when taken separately from food and drink.

Adverse effects

Using naturally occuring substances there is little possibility of adverse effects.


Should a client take more Jet Ease than recommended, no harmful side effects should be expected, owing to the fact that Jet Ease contains only naturally occuring vitamins.

Jet Ease - Complete Master Formula

Tariff code = 293 69 090

Ingredients: per tablet,

Vitamin B1 - Thiamine Mononitrate = 0.27mg
Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin = 0.33mg
Nicotinamide = 4.00mg
Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid = 12.00mg
Vitamin E - dl-alpha-tocopherylacetate = 2.01mg
Total actives = 18.6mg

Glucose = 297.4mg
Sterilised talc (E 553b) = 12mg - binding material
Magnesium sterate (E 470b ) = 12mg - lubricant

Total weight ot tablets = 340mg

These three inactives are classified as GRAS, Generally Recognised As Safe.
Calorific value: 879 kJ (210 kcal) per 100g
Protein: = 2.98g per, 100g
Carbohydrate: = 47.2g per, 100g
Fat: = 1.04g per, 100g

Jet Ease does not contain any of the following substances

Artificial colourings
Artificial flavourings
Dairy Products
Animal products
Any ingredient known to cause allergies
Melatonin or any other hormone

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