A survey was carried out in 1994 among New Zealand based flight attendants regularly flying routes to Asia, the United States and Europe, with the assistance of their union. They were asked how many suffered from jet stress and what symptoms they suffered.

A total of 228 flight attendants completed survey forms, giving the following responses:

Have you suffered from jet stress while travelling on long distance flights?

- yes = 96%
- no = 4%

Specifically have you suffered from

- Tiredness over the first five days after arrival = 90% yes
- Disorientation = 53% yes
- Dehydration = 73% yes
- Lack of energy and motivation = 94% yes
- Swelling of limbs = 32% yes
- Broken sleep after arrival = 93% yes
- Ear, nose, throat problems, colds or flu = 70% yes

Note; A US based survey found that 94% of long distance travellers suffered from the effects of jet stress and that 45% considered those symptoms severely bothersome.

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